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1 week down!

Good morning! For those of you that started the 30 Day Challenge on Monday, you are 1 week in! You have laid a strong foundation and hit each of your abdominal groups and now it's time to work on your core's endurance. Yes, you can build endurance in your abs! But you need to stay consistent. Each day completed is one step closer to reaching your goal of developing your POWER HOUSE. You will see the difference not only in your posture and your lower back pain, but in other aspects of your workouts. You will see a difference in your running, biking, weight lifting, hiit workouts and whatever else lift throws at you.

The 30 Day Challenge workouts are all short and intense and catered toward the busy woman. But don't feel like a failure if you miss a day here or there. Life happens. Carving out time for yourself each day can be challenging. This challenge was created to be a realistic goal for any fitness level. You and only you can determine your goal and what that means to you.

Happy Fall and keep up the great work!


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