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April 4th Weekly Calendar

The March Challenge has come to an end. How did it go? Pressing play everyday is not for the weak minded. Especially for those of you that did this in addition to your regular fitness classes. If you religiously pressed play each day, you should be feeling accomplished and strong. Congrats!

As I sit here and write, it's a beautiful spring morning. The robins are chirping, the sun is shining and the earth is blooming. When seasons change our schedules change too. You may be getting up earlier since it is lighter out, or staying up later for the same reason. The fresh air and longer days can be just what the doctor ordered to help with sleep cycles.

With the new season comes a new challenge. I will be announcing the May challenge at the end of this month. Look for it in my next blog post!

Until then, here is the weekly calendar for April 4th. Each class is full body total barre and located on the INTERMEDIATE CHANNEL.

Workout #1: 40 min THIGHS BEFORE PIES (Top of the INT CHANNEL)

Workout #2: #4 40 min Combinations (INT CHANNEL)

Workout #3: #9 30 min Advanced Barre Weights and Ball (INT CHANNEL)

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