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Barre Strong #3

Greetings STUDIO E subscribers! I hope today's workout gave you the challenge you were looking for. I have loved and appreciated all of you comments and feedback. 2 days down, 28 to go.

Tomorrows class is uploaded and ready for you. You will need hand weights and a ball but can do it all without them as well. The first series is a leg series that is new and is definitely one I will be teaching again. There is a side plank series that had me grunting and I follow it up with a standing leg series using the ball AND weights and really challenged me to the finish.

Keep up the good work and dedication!


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1 Comment

Thanks for the challenging workouts!! Where do you come up with all these moves? Do you sleep at night? !!! Ha!! Keep them coming. Love your dedication to keep bringing new workouts!

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