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Good morning! Happy Friday friends! How is the arm challenge going? By now you should be feeling stronger in your upper body.

There is new video on the INTERMEDIATE CHANNEL called "FIERCE FRIDAY BARRE". It is video #26 on this channel. It is a total body full 35 min Barre class. You do not need any props. You will work every muscle to and feel ready for your busy weekend! I actually shot this class on a Friday and I remember feeling accomplished when I was done to take on the craziness of the weekend!

I uploaded 22 new videos this week and will be releasing them over the next month. I know this time of year schedules get busier and the days are much shorter. Many of you are moms that are or will be distance learning and that alone can completely derail your workout schedule. Try to press play on some of the 10 minute videos each day. It helps! You do not need to workout for an hour everyday to make a change in your body. As always, consistency is key.

2021 will be here before we know it. There will be new videos and challenges waiting for you, but remember it's up to you to PRESS PLAY.

I'll send out a new calendar on Sunday. Have a great weekend!


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