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March Challenge: 30 classes in 31 days

As February comes to a close, I think it's fitting that we have a new challenge as we move into March. I have added 15 new videos to the Advanced Under 30 Channel. We now have a total of 30 PLUS the original 5 that I recorded at the beginning of the pandemic. Crazy to realize that was 2 years ago already.

Starting Tuesday March 1st, we will complete all 30 videos in the month of March. So you have 31 days to complete the BS EXPRESS classes 1-30.

As a BONUS: on the days there is a very short video (some are 7 minutes or less), you can press play on the original BODY SCULPT SERIES videos 1-5 on the bottom of the channel. These are each 30 minutes long and have a muscle target but they are all total body.

Classes #29 and #30 are new this week but you won't be hitting those until the end of March. I did put them up though for those of you that LOVE to work ahead.

This week you will start on Tuesday and complete classes 1-6 (Tuesday - Sunday).


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