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Our Series


The Beginner Series is designed build a strong foundation for new members.  There are 15 videos that blend strength and transition training using isometric holds and high repetition of very small range of motion movements.  I give a lot more instruction and verbal cues as well as repeat exercises in order to master the movements.  Barre focuses on SMALL MUSCLES.  In order to uncover the hundreds of muscles within, we must keep the movements small, intense and static.  I give several variations of each exercise so you can choose which one your body is ready for as you progress.  


The Intermediate Series is intelligently sequenced to target each small muscle group.  These videos have more complex series that move swiftly and furiously from one movement to the next.  Basically, you are moving more and stopping less.  All levels are welcome to the Intermediate Series, as I give countless modifications to each exercise to help you develop your strength.  REPEAT TO IMPROVE. These videos are made to conquer more than once. The weekly plan recommends completing 2 full length videos and a Bonus Burn Target video each week.

30 DAY CORE  1 & 2.0

Welcome to the 30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE 1 & 2.0!  Say goodbye to bad posture and achy backs.  This monthly plan consists of daily, short workouts that will shape, firm and strengthen your entire torso.  Each video will be performed 5 days in a row.  You will see yourself improve with each day.  If you can’t complete the video continuously one day, press pause, rewind, or try again the next day.  The goal is to complete the challenging workout in its entirety and with minimal rest by day 5.  The following day you start a new video and complete it 5 days in a row, and so on, until day 30.  Good luck!

ADV < 30 MIN


Everything on the Advanced Channel is 30 minutes or less!  The BS (Body Sculpt) 30 MIN Series is a 5 part series that was created in the midst of the COVID – 19 pandemic. They are total body classes that are meant to drive you to be better.


The other classes on the ADV Channel are labeled "BS EXPRESS".  (Body Sculpt) and all are short classes that you can perform in order each day for an amazing challenge or lump together to create a total body full barre class.  These are all advanced classes so please make sure you have completed the Beginner Series before tackling these classes.


Barre is known for it's incredible lower body results.  If you are looking to focus on your glutes, legs and lower abs, look no further than the Lean Legs Channel.  Workouts here will sculpt your glutes, tighten your thighs and tone your abs.  Ankle weights will add an immense amount of intensity to these workouts.  These videos are full of dynamic exercises that will leave your legs shaky when you are done.



The FALL CHALLENGE is a 4 week program that will be Studio E's highest level challenge to date.  Each week will consist of 3 FULL LENGTH total body barre classes and 2 target videos.  Full will be 30-40 min each and target will be 5-15 min each.  This is the biggest commitment you've been asked to make thus far but it will deliver the biggest results.  You will need handweights, a ball and bands if you have them.  Be prepared to work.  Barre will change your body if you put your mind to it. 


The 7 Day Arm Challenge is the perfect addition to any fitness goal.  I created this challenge to give you the most powerful arm choreography out there by just using hand weights, bands and bodyweight. Each class is 10 minutes and by the end of the 7 days you will feel the strength and definition in your upper body. Complete in 7 Days for the best results. 

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