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1 Week until the Arm Challenge

We are over half way through our first month of summer! Between moving, 1000 baseball and softball games, a new puppy and new schedules, I'm ready to make some time for fitness again. The Arm Challenge starts next Friday and will consist of 7 short videos all focused on upper body. I just finished the last one today and am looking forward to joining all of you as you start next week!

You will need hand weights for all of the videos. I also incorporated a heavy band (red) in one of the classes as well. The challenge will be located on the Body Sculpt Channel. I will post one video per day but once it's done you will have access to all of them to press play at anytime!

Here is the weekly workout calendar for next week. I have 4 videos and then the arm challenge will start on Friday June 25th! I'm incorporating a lot of leg videos next week to make sure your arms are rested for Friday!

Workout #1: 20 min Lower Body Barre with Band (Lean Legs Ch)

Workout #2: Barre Strong #15 10 min "No Excuses" (BARRE STRONG)

Workout #3: 15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel (Lean Legs Channel)

Workout #4: Barre Strong #9 22 min "Plie All Day"

Press Play,


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