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3 Week Challenge

Hello November!

This time of year is filled with schedule changes, schedule overlaps and cooler weather. In other words, busy! As women, we do ALL OF THE THINGS for ALL OF THE PEOPLE. Sometimes our fitness routine suffers because of it. My new 3 week challenges is meant to be a retreat for yourself 5 times a week. Barre is meant to make yourself better at everything you already do (and maybe get toned while doing it).

The 3 week challenge started on November 1st. But as always, you can start the challenges at any time. Since it started on a Wed, I only put the first 3 videos out on the 3WC Channel to get you started. On Saturdays, I will post 5 new videos that you will complete over the next 7 days. They will range from 10 min - 42 minutes in length and use either no props, weights, a band or a ball. Instructions are given if you do not have those items.

I've loved recording barre again and waking up sore in oh so many places. I hope you enjoy this challenge!

Erin Hatlestad

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