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3 Week Fall Challenge

As I write this, I am sitting on my sofa looking out on all the fall foliage and breathing in the fresh fall scents. Fall is my favorite time of year! With the change of seasons and schedules, it's time to launch a NEW CHALLENGE.

The 3 week Fall Challenge will begin on November 1st and run until November 22. It will consist of 15 videos for you to complete over the 21 days. The goal will be 5 per week.

The challenge will be located in the FALL AND SPRING CHALLENGES channel and I will post the videos at the top of the channel to make them easy to find and press play.

I used handweights and a ball for a lot of the videos so have those near by if you have them.

I am looking forward to launching new content over the next few months! I will be posting another challenge at the beginning of the winter with more new videos to explore.

Watch for my next post that will have the first week of videos ready for you to conquer!

Discover your strongest, leanest and best self.

Erin Hatelstad

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