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10 min Advanced Side Abs

Good morning! I always enjoy this time of year. The weather is warming up, the kids haven't started traveling for spring sports yet which means a lot of outside time! The longer walks and sunshine make for better sleep and and better mornings at our house.

Moving forward, the BODY SCULPT CHANNEL is going to be home to more ADVANCED classes. They were already trending that way since most of them were shorter in length and normally I kick it up a notch for the short classes.

The new video for this week is #14 BS EXPRESS 10 min Advanced Side Abs. I have been working on a new core challenge and wanted to practed some new series and this is what I came up with. I was very sore the next day! No props needed for this class.

The Weekly Calendar is listed below:

SUN: INT CH #9 30 min Advanced Barre Weights and Ball

MON: INT CH #11 10 min Total Body Flow no props

TUES: INT CH #13 20 min Complete Failure

WED: NEW! #14 BS Express 10 min Advanced Side Abs

TH: LEAN LEGS CH 15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel AND 20 min Lower Body Barre Class with Bands

FRI: Barre Strong CH #30 - 30 min "It Ain't Over Yet"

SAT: Barre Strong CH #13, 23 min "Just Add Weights"

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