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The first video of the 30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE will be live tomorrow morning. This is the longest of the 6 videos, (14 minutes) and is not for the faint of heart. It starts with some side plank work and transitions seamlessly to supine abdominal exercises and will venture to the prone position to conclude this ab burner.

REMEMBER: The point of these videos is repetition. You will repeat each video for 5 days in a row. On day 6, I will post a new video that you will complete 5 days in a row, and so on.

When I first started teaching my barre classes, I started the first 10 minutes of each class with the same warm up for a full month. That's right, every class I taught for 30 days had the exact same 3-6 exercises. Why? There is nothing better in your fitness journey than conquering a challenge. By the end of the month, we all could perform the exercises at a higher level, with fewer breaks and with more confidence. REPEAT TO IMPROVE. You will hear this from me often.


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