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Good morning! The 30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE 2.0 starts on Monday, Sept 21st. For those of you that are new and did not take part in the first core challenge, here is how it works....

I will be sending out a new video every 5 days. You will complete the video each day for 5 days in a row. The goal is to improve on each exercise, take fewer or no breaks, add more weight or add the ankle weights. Many of you have ankle weights now and that is great for this challenge! I encourage you to add the ankle weights on day 3. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long. I will still be sending out the weekly calendars during this challenge for those of you that would like to continue a total body plan during the challenge.

I will be adding a challenge to this challenge once it is'll have to wait to see what it is on Oct 21st!

Props are included in this challenge. You will need a ball and hand weights. Ankle weights are optional. As I mentioned in my last post, if you have a TJ Maxx in your area, I saw them there for under 10 bucks! They are perfect for at home use.

The videos will be located in the Core Challenge Channel. But this time, I will also be sending them out via email so you will be locate it easily. Each video will be available the night before it's scheduled launch date so that you will have it available right away in the morning for those of you that are early risers.

If you have an questions please comment on this post or send me a message!


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