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5 Day Mini Challenge

There are 3 days left in August and what better way to get ready for the long weekend than a mini 5 day challenge!

This week's challenge will consist of 1 class from the BARRE STRONG CHALLENGE and 1 class from the 30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE each day for 5 days. The challenge starts tomorrow (MONDAY) and will conclude on Friday!

If you recall, I included ankle weights in many of the BARRE STRONG classes. So if you have them, make sure to have them nearby! They add a serious burn.


AUGUST 30th: B. STRONG #2 25 min DOUBLE TROUBLE + CC 2.0 #1 of 6

AUGUST 31st: B. STRONG #9 22 min PLIE ALL DAY + CC 2.0 #5 of 6

SEPT 1st: B. STRONG #12 18 min TOTAL TONE + CC #1 of 6

SEPT 2nd: B. STRONG #16 26 min FROM TOP TO BOTTOM + CC #6 of 6

SEPT 3rd: B. STRONG #30 30 min IT AIN'T OVER YET + CC 2.0 #6 of 6

This small challenge will make changes to your body and strength in just 5 days. Press Play!


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