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6 new Videos and Workout Calendar for July 13th

How was everyone's 4th of July? I myself was off for a week of fun in the sun and now am determined to get my workouts back on track. Most of you are finishing up the 3 week challenge this week. Make sure you do Friday's plan of Core Challenge videos 1-3! I did it and was sore for days. Moving forward I will be giving my subscribers a schedule of videos to conquer each week. It will be listed at the end of this blog post.

I uploaded 6 videos today. 4 of them are located on the Body Sculpt Channel. I am starting a new series called "Body Sculpt Express". They have the same concept of the previous series (extreme sculpting exercises) except they are all 15 minutes or less! I will be adding more to this series in the upcoming weeks. I also added 2 videos to the Week 7 to the Intermediate Series. A 10 min OUT OF THE BOX ARMS and CORE target and a 40 min TOTAL BARRE class. As much as we like to pick and choose from all the shorter videos to create our own class, sometimes it's nice to have it all located in 1 class. This one is it!

Here the schedule for the week of July 13th, Remember, you pick the days you want to workout, I just have it listed M-F for simplicity. I like to include a few longer ones and some short options so you have zero excuses.

Monday: "New" 40 min Total Barre Week 7 workout #2 (Intermediate channel)

Tuesday: 20 min Int Week #6 Workout #2 "One Step at a Time" (Intermediate Channel)

Wednesday: Intermediate Week 4 Workout #2 32 minutes (Intermediate Channel)

Thursday: "New" #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with the Ball (Body Sculpt Channel)

Friday: "New" 10 min Leg Burner With Hand Weights (Lean Legs Channel)

I'll check in to see how everyone's doing next week!

Discover your strongest, leanest and best self,


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