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8 Day Challenge - New Calendar

Good morning! If you started to challenge on Day 1, you would have completed it yesterday. How do you feel?

The worst thing you could do right now is quit. We just made some progress getting our barre strength back, so now we must persevere and find some balance with our workouts each day. The rest of this week's calendar aims to give you options to double up on a day if time allows you, or miss a day if time is fleeting.

The workout calendar for the next 10 days is below:

*AU30= Adv Under 30 Channel

Day 1: #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with Ball (AU30)

Day 2: #17 BS Express - ADV 20 min to a Perfect Sat (AU30)

Day 3: #18 BS Express 14 min ADV Arm and Abs (AU30)

Day 4: #20 BS Express 25 min Burn All Over (AU30)

Day 5: #23 BS Express 16 min TOTAL BODY (AU30)

Day 6: 15 min LEG LOVERS (LL CH)

Day 7: Barre Strong #19 - 30 min "Erin's Favorites" (Barre Strong CH)

Day 8: 15 min Butt Lifting Pretzel (LL CH)

Day 9: #16 26 min "from top to bottom" (Barre Strong CH)

Day 10: #14 20 min "Don't forget to Breathe" (Barre Strong CH)

This format will give you options. If you want to double up on 2 workouts in 1 day when time allows any of the workouts would compliment eachother!

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