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Another New Video

I hope last week's calendar got you back in a barre routine and you missed as much as I have. I can't believe how sore I have been from adding barre back into my weekly routine. As we all know, barre never gets easier, we just get better!

I dropped another video to the site this morning on the ADVANCED UNDER 30 MIN CHANNEL. I'm loving the new content. LEG DAY. Scroll down to #32 on the ADV <30 Channel. It is 20 minutes in length and I did not use any props. You could hold hand weights for almost every exercise to add some upper body. You could also add an arm video to it (which I will in the calendar) to make it a total body workout.

This week's calendar consists of 5 days of workouts. Day 2-5 are all found on the BARRE STRONG CHANNEL.

Here is the calendar for the week of March 19:

Day 1: NEW! #32 BS EXPRESS 20 min LEGS



Day 2: Barre Strong #26 - 19 min "Bend and Twist"

Day 3: Barre Strong #2 25 min Double Trouble

Day 4: Barre Strong #5 20 min Calorie Torch

Day 5 : Barre Strong #12 18 min TOTAL TONE


Barre Strong #11 7 min THE PLANK FINISHER

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