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Barre Strong 25-27

Hello Studio E members! I hope this week has flown by for you.

Believe it or not, you have 6 days left of the challenge! I have posted 25, 26 and 27 already because I will be traveling and didn't want to risk not having good wifi while I was away. Tomorrows class is #25 and called "Wicked Abs and Arms". It is an 8 min advanced class that packs a lot of punch. I wore ankle weights but you will hear me struggle through the first ab series :)

Day #26 is a yoga day. It's all made up of sun salutations and vinyasas and at the end we will do a bridge and a back bend to get all the kinks out from the challenge.

Day #27 is a leg class. I wore all of my heavy bands to really change the dynamic of this workout out. My thighs were so sore the next day. If you have any of the bands or some of your own, definitely throw them on. It's only 12 minutes!

I will check in with everyone on Sunday to see how the weekend went. Until then, PRESS PLAY!


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