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Barre Strong - 30 Day Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope each and every one of you had a memorable Holiday and New Year. The start of the year is always a time for reflection and revelation. 2020 took many things away from us but also gave us a new opportunity to quiet our minds and discover a new daily schedule. Working out from home isn't for everyone, but the mental discipline it taught us is definitely something I would not take back.

So here we are on Jan 3rd. Personally, December was a difficult month for my daily schedule and self care. My 3 children were full time distance learning starting November 30th, my reformer studio was partially closed and I hurt my back in mid December when I slipped on the ice. My workouts were few and far between and my sleep was sporadic. Fast forward to Dec 29th, and I had gained 10 pounds. Yikes! I decided to cultivate some of that mental discipline that 2020 gave me and developed the BARRE STRONG 30 DAY CHALLENGE.

Starting Jan 5th (Tuesday), I will be uploading a video each day for you to conquer. 30 days, 30 workouts. Workouts will range from 7 min to 35 min. I know many of you have treadmills and Pelotons and have been asking me for add on workouts to support your cardio goals. This challenge can be in addition to your current exercise routine or by itself. I remember how my body felt when I was doing barre 4-6 days a week. I felt strong, toned, sculpted and sore! That is how I came up with this challenge. We all could use some help getting our barre strength back.

You will need props for these workouts. Handweights and a ball are essential. Bands are in many of the workouts too but can be modified without. I am wearing ankle weights for many of the videos to help increase intensity.

I will upload the first video on Jan 4th so it will be ready for you on the 5th!

Happy New Year,

Erin Hatlestad

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Sorry you hurt your back. Hope it is stronger now. Thanks for the great challenge. I look forward to it!! You Rock!

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