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Barre Strong Week #2

Happy Sunday! I took a few days off from blogging to keep your inbox quiet this weekend so you could focus on the challenge. Today's workout is #6 of the 30 day challenge. I was so incredibly sore in this video that I definitely struggled through it. I use heavy bands and hand weights in today's video but if you don't have them you'll be fine. How is everyone feeling?

Tomorrow marks day 7 and a full week into the challenge. I personally started really turning the corner on my strength and core gains on day #8. STAY THE PATH! It's working.

If your able to take some time today to respond to this blog and give some requests for future videos in the challenge please do! More props, less props? Cardio? More targets? I'm trying to keep most classes to 20 minutes or less and sprinkle in a few target videos that are less then 10 minutes. More of you have ankle weights now so please wear them! Even if it's only for a few exercises they definitely make a difference in the intensity.

I'm off to go record day 13.

Press play,


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