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Black Hole Week - What Day is it?

It's the Monday after a very festive Christmas weekend. I think with Christmas being on a weekend this year it made it all the more Merry and Bright :) If your anything like me, today is the day you are getting your life back on track with as much normalcy as possible. My local studio is closed this week, so my schedule is not nearly as regimented as normal. I took most of my Christmas decorations down yesterday but still have a few more trees I will slow play taking down this week. I call this week BLACK HOLE WEEK. Without a normal work week, or with kids being at home, it can make getting a workout in extremely difficult. I am just like you, pressing play is going to be a challenge this week! But my goal is to record new classes for you Monday, Wed and Friday. I have some new material for you coming in January 2022!

This week's calendar is made up of 4 days. I know many of you are still traveling this week so I wanted to keep the format simple to prevent any excuses! ALL CLASSES ARE ON THE ADVANCED UNDER 30 MIN CHANNEL. Not only that, but they are in order. You will do 2 per day in order from 1-8. Each day will be approx 20 minutes to keep it short and mindful.

Here is your schedule for BLACK HOLE WEEK 2021:

Day 1: #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with Ball AND

#2 BS Express 5 min Side Body Carve

Day 2: #3 BS Express 10 min Arm Sculpt AND

#4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sculpt

Day 3: #5 BS Express 9 min Back and Tricep Sculpt AND

#6 BS Express 8 min Core Core Core

Day 4: #7 BS Express 15 min Sleek Abs AND

#8 BS Express 10 min Adv Toned Arms with Weights

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