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BODY SCULPT EXPRESS 1-6 and Core Challenge 2.0

I have been receiving a lot of requests for shorter videos during these warmer months. A lot of you are enjoying the outdoors and need a "quick burn" to keep your body strong and toned but outside as much as possible. My answer? BODY SCULPT EXPRESS! I have posted 6 new videos on the Body Sculpt Channel and all of them are 10 minutes or less! (1 of them is even 5 minutes). I will be adding more videos to BODY SCULPT EXPRESS so you have a fresh video when you are looking for a quick burn. Here is what is out there so far:

#1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with the Ball

#2 BS Express 5 min Side Body Carve

#3 BS Express 10 min Arm Sculpt

#4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sculpt

#5 BS Express 9 min Back and Tricep Sculpt

#6 BS Express 8 min Core Core Core

All of the videos are located in the Body Sculpt Series Channel. Looking for a challenge? Complete All 6 videos in 6 days for an all over burn! I will be posting next weeks workout calendar over the weekend.

AND.....I just started recording the 30 DAY CORE CHALLENGE 2.0! New videos, new props but the same great burn of our first 30 day challenge. Challenge will start this fall, more details to come!

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