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Welcome to day 30! For those of you who started on Day 1, Congrats! I know there are many of you that are still chipping away and have a few days/weeks remaining. I hope your powerhouse is feeling stronger than ever before.

The worst thing you could do right now is to stop doing core work completely. 10 min a day forever and ever is not realistic but now that you have a strong base, let's keep it going a little bit longer!

I'm adding on a short 12 day core challenge that you can start tomorrow or in a few days. Since there are now two 30 Day Core Challenges out there, you now have access to 12 advanced core videos. So the mini challenge will be to complete all 12 videos in 12 days!

Day 1: Core Challenge #1

Day 2: Core Challenge #2

Day 3: Core Challenge #3

Day 4: Core Challenge #4

Day 5: Core Challenge #5

Day 6: Core Challenge #6

Day 7: Core Challenge 2.0 #1

Day 8: Core Challenge 2.0 #2

Day 9: Core Challenge 2.0 #3

Day 10: Core Challenge 2.0 #4

Day 11: Core Challenge 2.0 #5

Day 12: Core Challenge 2.0 #6

12 videos in 12 days. You will complete each video just once. This will give you great variety and keep your abs in stellar condition!

I will continue with weekly workout calendar on Nov 2nd. And stay tuned to the FITNESS FRENZIE coming soon! It will be a GREAT challenge right before the craziness of the holidays!


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