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Good morning Studio E members! As we close out another week of social distancing, it has become more apparent than ever the importance of at home exercise. We need fitness for better overall health, but in times like these, we need it to keep our stress levels down.

For those of you just starting the 30 Day Core Challenge, welcome! I hope you are finding improvement with each day. I have also been participating in the challenge with my 3 home bound children. It has been a way for us to focus on a goal and task that we can check off our list each day. It's also a chance for their competitive natures to shine bright as my 7 year old grits her teeth to make sure she can keep up with her big brothers!

Video #3 will be live by tomorrow morning. Weights are in this video but can be optional. Otherwise grab some full water bottles for added intensity. A few more positions in this video and I give some verbal cues to add difficulty to each exercise. 10 minutes and you'll be done! You are almost half way through the challenge!

Stay safe and healthy,


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