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Challenge #3 - 3 Day Total Body Endurance

We are halfway through November! Challenge #3 is all about building endurance to prepare for the fun (but busy) holiday season approaching. It will consist of 3 full length barre workouts. I tell my students that they should either do 2 full length classes or 4 short classes each week. Barre changes your body but it is a mentally difficult workout to do on your own because the movements are small and you must be your own teacher when pressing play. Executing 3 full length classes will be tough but I know we are all up for the challenge!

The week of Thanksgiving I will be posting a NEW "THIGHS BEFORE PIES" total body barre class. I have taught a Turkey Day Barre class the morning of Thanksgiving for the last several year. This year I won't be able to host a class so I am going to do the next best thing and bring it to you here!


Day 1

BARRE STONRG #19 - 30 Min "Erin's Favorites + Deep Stretches" (BARRE STRONG CH)

Day 2

#2 45 min Endurance Building (INTERM. CH)

Day 3

#18 45 min Advanced Barre Burn (INTERM. CH)

Complete all 3 classes within 7 days starting Monday Nov 15th!

Press play,


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