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Dec 11th Weekly Calendar - Plank Finisher Challenge

Last week I had 7 videos on the calendar that were short enough to squeeze in at any time of the day.

This week will be a little different. I am only posting 2 full length videos for you to complete. However, the challenge added this week is to complete the PLANK FINISHER video 6 times out of 7 days. The plank finisher is a 7 minute video on the Barre Strong Channel that is gut wrenching while you are doing it but it's over before you know it!

Here is the weekly calendar for Dec 11th:

Day 1:

#19 49 min Barre Tone Up (INT CHANNEL)

Day 2: #21 40 min Everything but the Kitchen Sink (INT CHANNEL)


Complete 6 times this week:

Barre Strong #11 7 min "THE PLANK FINISHER"

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