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Fall Challenge - Accountability

As I sit here, my arms are jelly after completing WEEK 2 #3 35 MIN of the Fall Challenge! I'm a day or 2 ahead of most of you so I can feel the burn right along with you.

I already feel stronger and like my barre muscles are fully awakened. Completing barre 5 days a week is a sure solid way to change your body. Most of us/you use this site for the following reasons:

  1. To squeeze in a workout when you are unable to make it to you gym class

  2. Add to your workout after a run/cardio

  3. Find a target video when you are trying to specifically train a muscle group

Those are all great reasons to press play. But what if you actually completed one of the challenges laid out for you? WHAT IF, you actually completed all 20 videos of the Fall Challenge for the next 30 days? Have you thought of what might change?

Just a little something to think about as you head into week #2.

Press Play,


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