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Fall Challenge - What are you waiting for?

Monday (yesterday) was the most Monday I've had in a while. My oldest son was taking his drivers test at 8 am and let's just say we were not prepared the least bit and we both were scrambling to get the proper paperwork together. But 2 hours later, we got to take the classic photo in front of the dmv and relish in his new found freedom! Needless to say, I never found time to post about starting the fall challenge, so better late than never!

Yesterday was the first day of the Fall Challenge, this challenge is a big time commitment for those of you that only use my workouts to supplement when you are out of your element. I created this challenge to prove a point I've been trying to make over the years. BARRE is unbelievably hard. Not just physically, but mentally just as much. When I decided to take my barre technique to the web, I knew the biggest obstacle would be getting people to press play, knowing that doing this type of workout on your own accord IS NOT EASY. It takes a lot of drive and discipline. It is DISCIPLINE, not MOTIVATION, that will get your in front of your device with a mat. Nothing else.

The FALL CHALLENGE is located on the Spring and Fall Challenges Channel.

Your commitment is 5 days a week. 3 full barre workouts, and 2 target (short) videos. You will need weights, a ball and bands. I am 3 days ahead of you on the challenge, and I can already tell you, I feel taller and stronger and sore. I also slept like a baby the last 2 nights which I think has something to the addition of more barre in my life.

Keep pressing play. And if you did not start yesterday, there's nothing stopping you from starting tomorrow.

Press play,


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