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Well it's the final days of the summer challenge. It's not even summer anymore! It took 5 months to complete all of the content on the site. And if we really wanted to stretch it out, we could have only done 1 video per day and we still would be going strong.

Thanks to all of you that showed up each day that you could to press play.

Here are the videos for Sept 27 - Oct 7!

Day 131: Intermediate #31 20 min Conquer Combinations AND #32 11 min Arms, Core and a Whole lot more

Day 132: Adv<30 min: #1 of 5 TOTAL BODY SCULPT

Day 133: Adv<30 min: #2 of 5 GLUTE FOCUS

Day 134: Adv<30 min: #3 of 5 TANK TOP ARMS

Day 135: Adv<30 min: #4 of 5 SHAKIRA THIGHS

Day 136: Adv<30 min: #5 of 5 MORE THAN CORE

Day 137: Barre Strong: #30 - 30 min It ain't over yet"

Day 138: Intermediate #33 20 min Yoga Sesh

Day 139: Intermediate Thighs Before Pies

140: REST - You did it!

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