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Final Week of the Holiday Challenge

It's the week OF CHRISTMAS! My to do list is a mile long as we head in to the final workout week before Christmas. How is/did the CORE CHALLENGE x3 go? My hope is it challenged and strengthened your abs to a degree you have never felt before!

This week's challenge is staggered. This means the first workout is the longest and they will gradually get shorter. I know it's an extremely busy week and I thought this would be the best way to get in a weeks worth of workouts in a shorter amount of time. I am also posting this a day early for those that want to get a jump on it this weekend or might be traveling.

The final week is 4 days of staggered workouts, all total body full barre classes:

Day 1: #27 40 min THE BEST BARRE CLASS &

#32 11 min Arms, Core and a Whole Lot More

51 min Total


Day 2: BARRE STRONG #30 - 30 min "It ain't over Yet"

30 min

(Barre Strong CH)

Day 3: #4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sculpt &

#13 BS Express 7 min ADVANCED ABS &

#2 BS Express 5 min Side Body Carve

22 min Total

(ALL on the ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 4: Barre Strong #15 10 min "No Excuses"

10 min

(Barre Strong CH)

BONUS: If you want/need a day 5, press play on on Week 1 of the Fall Challenge. It is the best challenge to push you to your limits. Either choose a full length or a target class depending on the amount of time you have.

I will post again the week after Christmas to update everyone on what is coming next at STUDIO E BARRE ON DEMAND! Until then, Merry Christmas and keep pressing play!

Thank you for choosing Studio E!

Erin Hatlestad

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