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Intermediate Series #31

It's Saturday! This weeks calendar includes a new INTERMEDIATE class called "CONQUER COMBINATIONS". You will start with a dynamic warm up and head right into some new side plank exerises and work on the glute hover. Several new combons to conquer!

Here is the weekly calendar for Feb 28th:

SUNDAY: #1 40 min Let's Get Started (INT CH)


TUESDAY: #30 - 30 min "It ain't over Yet" (BARRE STRONG)

WEDNESDAY: #12 25 min "Take it Up a Nothch" (INT CH)

THURSDAY: #18 45 min "Advanced Barre Burn" (INT CH)

FRIDAY: #4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sclupt + #1 BS Express 10 min Adv Core with the Ball (both on BODY SCULPT CH)

SATURDAY: LEG DAY!!! 20 min Lean Legs Lower Body Barre + 17 min Legs on Fire Cardio Barre Fusion (LEAN LEGS CH)

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