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Jan 10 Workout Calendar

We survived the first week back after break! (barely) The site was busy and I'm impressed by all of you that pressed play on all 4 days.

I have been uploading all the new videos for the ADVANCED UNDER 30 MIN CHANNEL. I'm excited for the new content and a new format to keep out bodies guessing! I plan to start posting the new material towards the last week in January. I continue recording all winter long to keep the channel up to date with new work outs until the next challenge that will launch this spring.

Here is the weekly workout calendar for the week of Jan 10th:


Day 1: #1 let's Get Started

Day 2: #4 40 min Combinations

Day 3: #18 45 min Advanced Barre Burn

Day 4: #29 35 min NO REST FOR THE WEARY

They are all full barre classes. I did that with purpose. The new content in Feb will be formatted differently so this will be a good way to build endurance for what is coming next!

Press Play!


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