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July 18th Workouts - Barre On Demand

I feel like I blinked and summer is disappearing before my eyes. We've had a busy softball and baseball season with the kids and decided to move right in the middle of it. Needless to say, my workouts have been obsolete. I started to get back on track last week and I already am feeling and sleeping so much better.

My goal this week is to add barre every single day to my routine. Even if I already have a reformer session scheduled, I am going to PRESS PLAY each day to get my strength and focus back.

I tell you this to hopefully encourage you that we all are busy and it's okay to miss workouts for a bit....AS LONG as you come back with the realization that a fitness routine is a necessity in busy women's lives.

Here is the calendar for the week of July 18th:

Day 1: #5 45 min Swift Transitions (INT CH)

Day 2: #6 8 min Strong Legs (INT CH)

Day 3: #7 32 min Endurance Challenge (INT CH)

Day 4: #4 BS Express 10 min Adv Body Sculpt (ADV UNDER 30)

Day 5: #5 BS Express 9 min Back and Tricep Sculpt (ADV UNDER 30)

Day 6: #6 BS Express 8 min Core Core Core (ADV UNDER 30)

Day 7: BS Express 15 min Sleek Abs (ADV UNDER 30)

I purposely only put 2 long workouts in this week's calendar. This week is about consistency! Press play, Erin

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