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June 27th Calendar

How was the Arm Challenge? I have been on vacation and am so ready to get my butt kicked. I plan to do the Arm Challenge in addition to what I have on the calendar for this week (June 27th). It's the week before the 4th of July! Summer is eclipsing right before our eyes. Let's take some time for ourselves and press play this week.

Here is the weekly calendar for June 27th, 2022:

Day 1: Barre Strong #23 15 min "Repping: + Arm Challenge #1

Day 2: Barre Strong #25 8 min "Wicked Abs and Arm" + Arm Challenge #2 and #6

Day 3: Barre Strong #26 19 min "Bend and Twist" + Arm Challenge #3

Day 4: Barre Strong #27 12 min "Band Together" + Arm Challenge #4

Day 5: Barre Strong #29 10 min "Crunch a Bunch" + Arm Challenge #5

Day 6: Barre Strong #30 30 min "It ain't over yet" + Arm Challenge #7

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