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Leg Lovers Rejoice

TGIF! I am very thankful that it's the end of the week. As I mentioned earlier, we just got a new puppy. We are also in the process of moving out of our house while we remodel. Between those 2 things and trying to keep up with 3 kids and work, it's been a lot! I hope you all are finding time to press play in the craziness of whatever you have going on in your life. I just wrote a blog post on a different site about mental health awareness. It is so important for women to take a little time each day (or at least a few times a week) for ourselves. It has been proven that working out reaps the same benefits as mindful meditation.

The new video this week is 15 minutes LEG LOVERS. It is the most recent video on the LEAN LEGS CHANNEL. I used hand weights for this class. It is a fantastic leg burn with some new combinations to keep your legs guessing.

Thank you for the feedback for upcoming challenges. Sounds like an arm challenge will be the next focus. I plan to roll that out before the 4th of July. I also am currently recording more full length (30-45 min) Barre classes. They will be ready for you at the end of summer and definitely turn up the intensity for all of you asking for advanced classes. (I'm so sore from recording the one from this week!).

Here are the workouts for the week of May 16th:

Workout #1: NEW! 15 min Leg Lovers (LEAN LEG CHANNEL)

Workout #2: Barre Strong #29 - 10 min "Crunch a Bunch" (Barre Strong Ch)

Workout #3: Barre Strong #17 - 13 min "Up Down and All Around" (Barre Strong Ch)

Workout #4: Barre Strong #5 - 20 min "Calorie Torch" (Barre Strong Ch)

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