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March Challenge - 30 classes in 31 Days

Weekly check in! if you started March 1st you are heading into the second half of the challenge. Last week I posted all the videos through #18. Today I will describe classes 19-27! I hope having a plan of attack as you head in to you week on Sundays helps you press play each day. I posted a beach photo as I know a lot of you are continuing the challenge while on vacation. That takes a lot of discipline so you should be proud of yourself for that!

Remember, all of the classes are found on the ADV UNDER 30 CHANNEL:

#19 BS EXPRESS 7 min Abs: This is short and intense without any props. You should/can add BS 30 min #2 of 5 GLUTE FOCUS (this is near the bottom of the ADV UNDER 30 min Channel)

#20 BS EXPRESS 25 min Burn All Over: If you have ankle weights USE THEM. This is a total body class. We crush our glutes, legs, abs and arms in that order.

#21 BS EXPRESS 11 Min UPPER BACK AND ABS: It is so important to work the opposing muscles each week. Grab hand weights and lets stand a bit taller by strengthening our upper back and posture muscles.

#22 BS EXPRESS 10 min Core: There are some new exercises in this class. You should either REPEAT this class OR add BS 30 min #3 of 5 TANK TOP ARMS to fire up your upper body.

#23 BS EXPRESS 16 min Total Body: I used the heavy band the entire time for a bonus but it is not needed. I used handweights throughout. We start with some very active plank exercises that get our body warm and ready for the intense exercises. I loved this one!

#24 BS EXPRESS 18 min UNBEARABLE: Compound movements make this class significantly more advanced. A lot of abs and legs. I held the hand weights throughout the standing thigh work and it made my arms shake!

#25 BS EXPRESS 10 min CORE + ARMS: This is a prone , upper back ladder class. There are a few 1 min planks throughout the ladder to keep you honest. No props needed.

#26 BS EXPRESS 10 min Shaky Core and Arms: This is more upper back and arms similar to yesterday. You will be sore glad you did it and your posture will thank you. Arms and abs are the focus of this short 10 min class.

#27 BS EXPRESS 20 min Mat Madness: This mat class hits every muscles. I did use a ball. NO breaks! Listen to my cues and move right into the next movement. We end with a yoga pose to reward ourselves for getting through this tough class.

When you hear from me next time, we will only have 4 days left of the challenge! Keep pressing play.


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