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8 Day Challenge!

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

While the weather may still be hot an humid, summer is officially over as far as our schedules are concerned.

As I mentioned last week. a new challenge beings Tuesday (after Labor Day). It is a challenge I have published before, BUT (and I mean a big but) it is going to look and feel a lot different.

Starting Tuesday, Sept 6th, we will embark on reinventing the Spring Challenge (SC) from May 2022. In the original challenge, there were 16 videos that had to be completed over 28 days. Easy enough, right? Exactly, it was too easy.

The "New" SC will ask that you commit to 2 videos per day for 8 days. You will complete the entire 16 day library in an 8 day time frame.

If you answer yes to any of the following, this is exactly the challenge for you:

  1. Did summer fly by?

  2. Did you get less sleep and drink less water the last 3 months?

  3. Did you drink too much alcohol and get too much sun?

  4. Did you work out less or with less intensity?

  5. Were you and your family over scheduled leaving you feeling exhausted?

If you are feeling the way I am right now, it's time to get a jump start on fall and getting back on track.

Here is the lay out for the challenge that will begin on Tuesday Sept 6th and end on Tuesday Sept 13th. It starts out in order but does not continue that way so please look closely! All videos are on the SPRING and FALL CHALLENGES CHANNEL:

Tuesday: #1 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (Legs)


#2 SC 9 min Muscles Madness (Arms)

Wednesday: #3 SC 18 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)


#4 SC 15 min Muscle Madness (Abs)

Thursday: #9 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)


#15 SC 15 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)

Friday: #7 SC 10 min Muscle Madness (Core)


#12 SC 30 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)

Saturday: #5 SC 22 Muscle Madness (TOTAL)


#8 SC 20 min Muscle Madness (ARMS)

Sunday: #6 SC 15 min Muscle Madness (Legs)


#13 SC 27 min Muscle Madness

Monday: #11 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)


#16 SC 20 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)

Tuesday: #10 SC 13 min Muscle Madness (Legs)


#14 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (TOTAL)

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