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New Video - Back to Work

I'm back! I know it has been a long hiatus since I sent out a message. I have zero excuses other than life with 3 kids in every sport has us running nonstop each and every day. I made a commitment to get back on track as soon as I was done training new instructors at my reformer studio so here I am!

I appreciate all of you that have been using the site religiously and completing all the challenges that are already up and ready for you. I have new material ready to post!

I dropped a new video for you today. It's on the ADVANCED UNDER 30 MIN CHANNEL. #31 BS EXPRESS 17 min TOTAL BODY FIND THE BURN. Click on the ADV CH and scroll down to #31! I used handweights and a few different ways to get our abs on fire!

I will be posting more videos each week. I am done training my instructors at the end of March and will continue to record new challenges and new ways to burn!

I'm so happy to be back!

Here is the workout calendar for the week of MARCH 12:


Monday: Barre Strong #1 15 min Eyes on Me (Barre Strong)

Tuesday: #1 40 min Let's get Started (INT CH)

Wednesday: CORE CHALLENGE #1 of 6 (30 day CC CH)

Thursday: #1 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (Legs) (Fall Challenge Ch)

Friday: WEEK 1 #1 40 MIN (Fall Challenge Ch)

Saturday: #1 10 min ARM CHALLENGE (7 Day Arm CH CH)

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