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Nov 14th Weekly Workouts - Band Challenge

Each week as I write these workouts, it amazes the drive so many of you have to press play EVERY SINGLE WEEK. I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your consistency. You are the reason I keep pressing record and finding new ways to give us a burn.

I am adding a small challenge to this week's calendar. Use one of your bands (shown in this picture) in every single workout. It may not work for everything, but you will be extremely surprised at the extra burn you will feel in your legs. You can place it above your knees, close to your hips, or down by your ankles, depending on which exercise you are performing. After a week with the band you will feel the difference!

There are a couple of videos from the beginner channel in this weeks calendar. DO NOT skip them. The beginner channel does not have easy videos. I just have a lot more cueing and instruction. They are still at a high level of difficulty.

Here is the weekly workout calendar for Nov 14th:

Day 1 : Beg #12, 20 min Double the Burn (BEG CHANNEL)


#6 8 min Strong Legs (INT CH)

Day 2: Beg #13, 27 min "Bridge the Gap" (BEG CHANNEL)


#8 15 min 4 dimensional Glutes (INT CH)

Day 3: #1 SC 25 min Muscle Madness (Spring and Fall Challenge Ch)


#11 10 min Total Body Flow no props (INT CH)

Day 4: #3 SC 18 min MUSCLE MADNESS (Spring and Fall Challenge Ch)


#14 10 min Defined Arms (INT CH)

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