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Nov 15th - Nov 21st Workout Calendar

It's the start of a new week. My weekend workouts are sporadic depending on the kids schedules. Saturday was crazy busy with hockey and figure skating so there was no time but Sunday is wide open. I plan to get in a full barre workout right after I send this post off to you. Here is the weekly calendar for the week of November 15th!

Sunday: #26 35 min Fierce Friday Barre INT CHANNEL "NEW"

Monday: 10 min Core Challenge 2.0 video #4

Tuesday: #6 Beginner Workout Arms/Abs Bonus Burn 12 min BEG CHANNEL

Wednesday: 16 min Cardio and Legs with Ankle Weights optional LEAN LEGS CHANNEL

Thursday: #12 25 min Take it Up a Notch. INT CHANNEL (this is one of my favs)

Friday: #16 20 min Immediate Tone INT CHANNEL

Saturday: #20 10 min OUT OF THE BOX ARMS INT CHANNEL

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. My kids have all of next week off from school so I will be sneaking in workouts whenever I can! My mantra these days is "one day at a time".

Take care and stay strong. Remember, it's up to you to push play.


"discover your strongest, leanest, best self"

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