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Nov 21st - Thighs Before Pies

Raise your hand if you completed the challenge and used the band for every single workout?! On day 3 I definitely felt the built up fatigue in my legs, glutes and thighs. This is a simple but very effective way to add flare and resistance to your barre workouts at home.

It is Thanksgiving week! The workout calendar will consist of 4 days of workouts, including the THIGHS BEFORE PIES class that can be done on Thanksgiving morning (or anytime you choose). Each day is a full body total barre class. 4 days of barre will leave you wobbly as you head into the long weekend.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving week and weekend!

Here is the weekly workout calendar for Nov 21st:

Day 1


Day 2

#1 40 min Let's Get Started (INT CHANNEL)

Day 3

#18 45 min Advanced Barre Burn (INT CHANNEL)

Day 4

40 min Thighs Before Pies (INT CHANNEL)

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