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Over the Hump

I hope this post finds you content and happy after the long weekend. Believe it or not, tomorrow will mark the HALFWAY point of the 30 day challenge. This is the point that the workouts get tougher becuase you are stronger. But it's also the part of the challenge that the most people quit or fall off. Week 3 has been famously named "quitters week" amongst us fitness professionals that have done this type of challenge before. Week 1 is full of committment and dedication, week 2 is full of results and making sacrifices. But week 3 is where the greatest gains are made in your mind and body when trying to create a new habit and changing old habits. My only advice, DON'T BE A QUITTER!

Day #15 will be posted by tonight. It is a short class with an abs and arms focus. I will try to keep the classes shorter for the rest of the challenge to make sure all of you participating can fit them in no matter what. As I've said a million times, short and sweat.

Keep up the great work! If you miss a day don't think that means it's time to quit. Just double up the next day or pick up where you left off. There is no shame in completely 30 workouts in more than 30 days......


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