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Sept 26 Fall Challenge Starts Monday

Happy Fall! In 24 hours Minnesota went from 96 degrees on Tuesday to perfect fall temps on Wednesday. With the change in seasons, it's time to hit play on the FALL CHALLENGE.

The FALL CHALLENGE is a 4 week program that will be Studio E's highest level challenge to date. Each will consist of 3 FULL LENGTH total body barre classes and 2 target videos. full will be 30-40 min each and target will be 5-15 min each. This is the biggest commitment you've been asked to make thus far but it will deliver the biggest results. You will need handweights, a ball and bands if you have them. Be prepared to work. Barre will change your body if you put you mind to it.

All videos will be on the Spring and Fall challenges channel. You will need to scroll down to past all of the SC (spring challenge) videos. The FALL CHALLENGE is labeled by week. For example week 1 will look like this:

WEEK 1 #1 40 MIN

WEEK 1 #2 10 MIN

WEEK 1 #3 30 MIN

WEEK 1 #4 10 MIN

WEEK 1 #5 38 MIN

These videos are well thought out and are grouped together to leave you sore and feeling accomplished by the end. Pressing play 5 days a week will not be easy. ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE TO DO IT.

I will be doing the challenge right along with you. I am starting today so I can post about each video and give you some tips to help with your metal fatigue.

For planning purposes, make sure you look at each video the night before so you know what props you need and can set everything up to help with accountability. The first video you will need handweights and a ball.



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