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Spring Break Weekly Challenge

This week is a very popular time for families to head on vacation. For some, that means they leave their workouts behind and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. For others, the additional time is an opportunity to knock out your workout before enjoying the rest of you day! This week's calendar is a pick and choose format so that you can do just that!

ALL VIDEOS ARE FOUND ON THE FALL CHALLENGE CHANNEL. The fall challenge starts at the bottom of the Fall and SC Channel. They are labeled WEEK 1 #2, etc. There are 6 days of workouts. But several have 2 videos listed. If you have the time to do both, YOU SHOULD. If you don't, pick whichever one you have time for. The goal is do do barre 6 days this week! It makes such a huge different to sneak barre in whenever you can.


Day 1: WEEK 1 #1 40 min

Day 2: WEEK 1 #2 10 min


WEEK 1 #3 30 min

Day 3: WEEK 2 #1 30 min


WEEK 2 #2 10 min

Day 4: WEEK 2 #3 35 min


WEEK 2 #4 9 min

Day 5: WEEK 2 #5 38 min

Day 6: WEEK 3 #1 40 min


WEEK 3 #2 10 min

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