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SPRING CHALLENGE - Starts April 10th

For everyone that does not live in Minnesota, I hope your spring started out warmer than ours! Finally, after snow on April 1st, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel from one of our longest winters to date.

The change in weather has always inspired a change in habits for many of us. The longer days help and the added time outdoors.

The SPRING CHALLENGE consists of 16 videos. We will complete those videos in the next 21 days.

Head to the SPRING and FALL CHALLENGES CHANNEL. The Spring Challenge (SC) is pinned to the very top. You have from Monday April 10th until Monday May 1st to complete ALL 16 videos!

The SC is tagged by muscles group so you know what you are getting into each time you press play.

Your goal the week of April 10, is to complete the first 7 videos in 7 days. That will give you time to back off on weeks 2 and 3.

Hopefully someone of you can take your barre class outside on your deck or in the grass.

I use hand weights in the majority of the videos. You can search the tag menu by prop to see which video uses one (if any).

The weekly calendar is:

SC #1 - #7 (one each day)

I'll send out a calendar for week 2 next week.

To all of my Studio E Fitness Anytime Members, Happy Easter!


Erin Hatlestad

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