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Spring Challenge - take 2

Good morning! I learned today that many of you did not receive the email campaign about the Spring Challenge that started on May 2nd. I will post everything on the blog moving forward to ensure everyone gets the updates! I apologize for spamming your inbox today!

All 4 videos of week #1 are on the SPRING and FALL CHALLENGES CHANNEL Here is my email from Sunday:

The SPRING CHALLENGE starts tomorrow! This will be a little different set up than the Fall Challenge. It will still run 4 weeks. There will be 3-5 videos per week and most will be a target video that is under 30 minutes. I will be sending videos out the night before so watch the blog for updates! ALL VIDEOS ARE FOUND ON THE SPRING AND FALL CHALLENGES CHANNEL. I will have them on the top so they are easy to access. Videos #1 is ready for you to hit play! Good Luck! Erin

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