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Spring Challenge week #2

I can happily announce SPRING is finally here! When the Spring Challenge started last week it was cold and wet Minnesota and it just didn't seem right to have a spring challenge when we all felt like winter was never leaving.

Week #2 of the Spring Challenge will consist of 5 classes. #5 is already loaded on the SPRING and FALL CHALLENGES CHANNEL. Classes 6, 7, 8, and 9 will follow each day. The goal is to get all 5 classes done this week. That may mean something different for all of you. They range from 10 minutes up to 30ish. Today's class is 27 minutes and it is a total body killer. Class 6 is a leg target and 7 is a core target. So there is your snap sot of the week!

May is so busy!!!! That is why I am leaving the schedule of this challenge up to you. If you want to group all of the short classes together to complete in one day, that's a great way to set your self up for success.

Enjoy the heat this week! (on the mat and outside)


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