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Stronger Than Ever

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! If you are able, I hope you can take some time for yourself and also spend time with the ones you love. Mothers make the world go round and round and you deserve a pat on the back for all you do each day.

There are 2 days left of the Body Sculpt 7 day Challenge! I see you all hitting play each day and I hope you are feeling STRONGER THAN EVER heading in to the last day of this challenge. I added video #16 to the Body Sculpt channel to see how much progress you have made. I will be cutting down the calendars for the rest of the summer to just 4 workouts a week (similar to last summer). You can choose which days fit your schedule.

Here is the weekly workout calendar:

Workout #1: #16 BS Express 15 min Stronger than Ever (New!)

Workout #2: #1 40 min Let's Get Started (INT CH)

Workout #3: #23 10 min Core Definition (INT CH)

Workout #4: #2740 min THE BEST BARRE CLASS (INT CH)

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