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Summer Challenge Days 51-60

We are killing it! It's 4th of July week! After this post, the challenge we take on a big change. The Core Challenges will both come to an end. And soon after, the Arm Challenge. You will see more videos from the other challenges and it will be the perfect way to take this next leg up a notch.

Here are the videos for July 2-July 12.

Day 51: Beginner #6

Day 52: Intermediate #6 8 min Strong Legs

Day 53: Core Challenge #6 of 6

Day 54: Core Challenge 2.0 #6 of 6

Day 55: Spring Challenge: #6 SC 15 min MUSCLE MADNESS LEGS

Day 56: Fall Challenge (scroll down) WEEK 2 #1 30 min

Day 57 : Adv < 30 min: #6 BS Express 8 min Core Core Core

Day 58: Lean Legs: 20 min Shaky Legs with Ankle Weights

Day 59 : Barre Strong: (scroll down) #6 20 min A Sunday Well Spent

Day 60: Arm Challenge #6

Keep making yourself proud!

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