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Summer Challenge Days 71-80

The challenge takes on it's next change. The Arm Challenge is done! You will notice some days have two videos. Again, this is to keep you body guessing as we near the 3rd tier of the challenge.

Here are the videos for July 24-August 2.

Day 71: Beginner #9 30 min with ball and weights

Day 72: Intermediate #9 30 min Adv Barre with weights and ball

Day 73: Spring Challenge: #9 SC 25 min MUSCLE MADNESS TOTAL BODY

Day 74: Fall Challenge (scroll down) WEEK 2 #4 9 min AND WEEK 2 #5 38 min

Day 75: ADV< 30 min: #8 BS Express 10 min Adv Tone Arms with weights

Day 76: Lean Legs 16 min Cardio and legs with Ankle weights and hand weights

Day 77: Barre Strong (scroll down) #8 16 min Heave Support

Day 78: Beginner #10 30 min light band with hand weights AND #11 10 min Side Body Bonus Burn

Day 79: Intermediate: #10 30 min Max out

Day 80: Intermediate #11 10 min Total Body Flow no props AND #12 25 min Take it up Notch

More changes to come!

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