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Week 5 Mini Challenge

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a blink of an eye. We now have less than 4 weeks until Christmas is upon us! December is one of the busiest times of the year for families and especially the moms and grandmothers of those families. The next 4 challenges will be short and concise so you will not have any excuses to not press play.

Week 5 MINI CHALLENGE will have 5 workouts but each class is under 20 minutes. I want to try to keep your challenges intense but I also know time is not on our side this time of year.



Day 1: 15 min LEG LOVERS (Lean Legs CH)

Day 2: Barre Strong #26 - 19 min Bend and Twist (Barre Strong CH)

Day 3: #11 BS Express 20 min Barre with Ball (ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 4: #15 BS Express 17 min TOTAL BODY SCULPT (ADV UNDER 30 CH)

Day 5: Barre Strong #18 - 20 min THAT FRIDAY FEELING (Barre Strong CH)

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